What is Girl Growing Brighter?

GGB is where I vent, reflect, hypothesize, and tell people what to do.  People often write me to ask for my advice on life and love.  My answer is always a version of the same: Get your shit together — here’s how you can start doing that.  On the flip side, my essays are usually about how I am struggling to get my shit together.  Words are easier than actions….. what can I say.

Some pieces that have gotten GGB attention:

Margaret Cho and my Mom, aka: the 3 best Koreans ever.  (Freshly Pressed, WP).

Busy-bragging (not the most literary thing ever, but whatev).  (NBC.com)

How best friends make you better at dating.  (BlogHer)

I’m really not that narcissistic, but I talk about myself a lot to protect confidentiality with people I know.

I post 1x per week, on Mondays.  Or, to be more honest… whenever I can pull my shit together.  🙂

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(Yes, that picture is me above)……..Who am I?

I’m a freelance writer and a coach who helps people improve at writing, teaching, and dating.  Basically, I kick people’s asses into being more true and loving to themselves.

I get internet-stalked a lot because of my line(s) of work….. so the closest you’ll get to a photo of me are these cute little drawings of me all over this site.  They’re waaaay cuter than I really am in real life, so it all works out.  😉

Concretely:  San Francisco citizen, California native, 2nd generation Korean-American.

Disclaimer:  I loosely refer to folks to protect trust and identities.  If I wrote something bad and you think it’s about you, it’s not; you’re obviously too self-aware for that.

If I wrote something good and you think it’s about you…. I’ll never tell.

Also, I can sleep for longer than you.

PS: Write me a note below.  I like notes.  <3

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