5 signs that you made the RIGHT life decision

You woke up before your alarm clock rang, wondering what to do.  You researched the answers on the internet until the sun rose.  You relentlessly asked your friends.  Or maybe you stared at the ceiling every night, hoping that your god, your ancestors, or a UFO, would send you an answer.

Finally, you made a choice.  I mean…. you had to.

So how do you know if your choice was the “RIGHT” one?  Take a step back and look at your own body and recent actions.  Your body knows the answer, often before your mind does!  Here are 5 signs that you have made the right decision.

 1.  You will feel relief.  You will feel inner freedom.  Wait….WTF does inner freedom feel like?


It feels a little like this, above.  But on the inside.

Here’s how your body will tell you: Take a breath.  Do you feel like your lungs are squeezed together with iron bands?


When you take a second look at your second chance

second look second chance

One awesome thing about celebrating Lunar New Year is that it’s usually a second chance at my failed Solar New Year goals.  Usually — with exception of 2016, in which I ushered in Solar New Year with peace and meditation.  And in which I ushered in Lunar New Year with a pounding hangover.

At the eve of the Lunar New Year, I’d had too much to drink when talking to a white guy at a bar.  “Happy New Year,” I said to him.

“Happy New Year?” he asked.  “Didn’t it pass awhile ago?”  I politely explained that it was Lunar New Year, which is “more important to me than the solar New Year.”

“Why?” he said, attempting a joke.  “Is it because you feel so connected with the moon?”

Losing my sobriety and patience, I gave him a barely-restrained version of my death glare.

“No. I’m Korean.”

How to escape acting like an adult: an incomplete guide

how to escape adulthood

First, I acknowledge the irony of writing and publishing this post on the day it’s due. I’ve been MIA from this blog lately– I’ve been busy living up to the title of this article.

Usually, I write posts based upon what I’ve learned in efforts to help others avoid my mistakes. Recently, it’s crossed my mind that: what if I’m just totally delusional? And I’ve learned nothing?  Also, why do I assume everyone wants to learn?  What about people who don’t care to grow?  Well, here’s the perfect post for you.

How to escape acting like an adult: an incomplete guide
1. Think like a boxer when it comes to obligations: Bob and weave. Preferably find someone else to deflect punches towards.

Know what I did at work on Tuesday? I watched every YouTube video ever sent to me or posted by a Facebook friend over the past few weeks. I didn’t even have a fake work document up to feign I was getting shit done. I didn’t even bother to put in headphones as I listened to Adele singing car karaoke and Kevin Hart joking about “selling his ass” on the streets.

Instructions for living life


Each time I read these 20 instructions from the Dalai Lama** see below, something new jumps out at me, depending on what’s going on in my life.  Like today, I think I could really use some work on #7, 13, and 20.

You’ve probably seen them before, but if you read them again today, who knows what you’ll learn?  Check out below what you’ve been kicking ass at, or what you’d like to start working on.  Today could be the day when something you’ve seen before will change your life.

The Dalai Lama’s Instructions for Life

10 questions to answer if you’re feeling off balance this week.

feeling off balance

On Tuesday, I arrived at work in a half-zombie-like, half-foul mood.  I had some coffee, but I still had to ask my co-worker to repeat herself 5x before I could finally process a sentence of what she was saying.

It wasn’t until I walked around my site that I realized I wasn’t the only one who was off.

“Elisa, it’s the MOON,” my colleague said to me adamantly, after the 6th repeated sentence.  “I almost put a knife through the throats of my entire family on Sunday,” she said.  “Including my children.”

She looked me over.  “You’re doing really well, actually.  You seem so well-balanced during this week, compared to everyone else.”  That was a statement.

Later, during a staff meeting, my colleagues corroborated her in their conversations:

~ “Does anyone have pills for a headache? …..No, I need something stronger than Aleve.  Fine, maybe I’ll take three or four of those.”

~ “I called someone a jerk today.  I feel bad.  I don’t even know why I said it.”

~ “I can’t stop yelling at people.”

~ “Is it really obvious that I’m off?”

Anyway, in case it’s not just me and it’s actually like all of the people I know, here are 10 questions I had to ask myself this week to coach myself out of this weird-ass orbit I’m in.