5 things you should really, really know when you move to the Bay Area

AKA: A short list written by a Bay Area native/snob

Since I am not tech-savvy, I am going to describe in words what I would have in animated gifs if I were to do this a la Buzzfeed listicle.

it's it ice cream

1.  It’s It ice cream.
How do you go wrong with two cookies and ice cream dipped in chocolate?
Also, how was that previous question even a real question?  (It wasn’t.)

Animated gif: Me, twirling in a dress of It’s Its while simultaneously eating one It’s It of each flavor (that’s 5 total, including the elusive strawberry and pumpkin).

recycling bins sf

2. How to properly recycle in a freaking recycling bin.  Yes, we have to e-waste some stuff.  But MOST of our waste can go into 2 of the Holy Trinity: Compost and Recycling.

*Tip: Styrofoam or plastic film like bags or sandwich wrap go in the trash.

Animated gif: My New York transplant, next-door neighbor throwing a half-eaten bag of Doritos into the compost.  Me, pulling the bag out, dumping the Doritos (chips) into the compost and then making him wear the Doritos (bag) as a dunce hat.