7 easy ways to get things done for REAL (especially for procrastinators like me)

get things done

This isn’t one of those “How to get work done” posts that gives you really broad, useless advice, like, “JUST DO IT.” Or, “Make wise choices.”

…….I mean, if I really could “JUST DO IT,” or “Make wise choices,” I would.  Wouldn’t we all?

In 2014, I found myself with so many plans in life that it was just easier to do nothing.  My procrastination to action ratio was like 20:1.  Even simple things, like cleaning my bathroom, took at least 20 hours of contemplating before I’d spend the 1 hour needed to scrub the toilet.

Needless to say, there was a lot of sitting around and thinking.

Here are 7 tips that really worked for me in 2014, that I am happy to pass along — in hopes one will work for you!

What happens in the moment you get what you want?

she-ra and pegasus

The morning I turned 21, I woke up wondering if this long-awaited year of life had transformed me.

Had I suddenly become the most beautiful woman in the world?  Had it taught me the meaning of the cosmos?  Had I become a more social person? These were the answers that I hoped would be “yes.”

But that year, like every year on my birthday, I woke up and I realized I was, mostly, the same.   

That year, maybe in hopes of feeling like the most beautiful women in the world – my friends and I would spend our weekends applying heavy makeup, shimmying into tight dresses, gyrating around, and laughing about the advances we’d rejected on our nights out for days afterwards.


Last week, I lived out my long-awaited last day of work.  Finally.  If you are one of the dear ones who reads my blog regularly, you know I’ve been obsessed with quitting my job for over a year.

The best way to stop stressing about job interviews. #INTERNAL goals

stop stressing about job interviews

Hooray!  There are two exciting developments this week to my search for my true path:

1.   I am done with my old job!  Hooray!!!  I am done FOREVER!  I quit a job that stopped being fulfilling, so I can do something that is closer to my values and vision.

2.  I got two more job offers this week.  This makes a total of +5 job offers this Spring, with a 100% success rate of job interview to job offer!

(Want to know how I got so many job interviews?  I wrote out my practical tips for career switching in this blog post.  Then, I followed my own advice!)

I’ve been through a few job interviews this Spring, both formal and informal.  This got me thinking a lot about job interviews, and how they are a lot like first dates.

In short:  

~ We get nervous.

~ We want to impress the other person.

How to respect your enemy: my practice session at work

replace lightbulb

Lesson of the Week: How to respect your enemy.

OK, “enemy” is a strong word.  I have this individual in my life, who I’ll call instead: “the Person I Must Show Respect to but Whose Choices I Disrespect.”

You might have such a person in your life, too.  Someone you have to see on a regular basis and get along with.  Someone you may even (gasp) work for.

A few weeks ago, PIMSRTBWCID recently made me the “offer” to listen to my thoughts on an unexpected decision that ended up overriding some hard work that I and others had done.  This is an actual snippet of the conversation:

PIMSRTBWCID: “Elisa, please tell me how you’re feeling.”

Elisa: (opening my mouth to have a conversation with this person for the first time in months)  “I feel really confused because….”

How to find your true path in life, Pt. 2

AKA: “Elisa fumbles around looking for something meaningful to do in life: A multiple-series post.”

Part 1, where I talk about how Life Goals suck, is here.

These past few weeks, I’ve not been so on-top of my daily habits.  I won’t even try to pretend I have good reasons, but I’m also not going to beat myself up for it.  (I’ll do better this week.)

Instead, I want to say that I’ve been thinking this lately.  I wish I’d thought of it myself:

How to Quit your Job (the semi-spiritual primer), Part 2


My beloved friend doesn’t believe in God for this reason.

“God has never spoken to me,” he says.  “So it’s been hard to believe in God.”

Me, I believe in many higher powers: the universe, nature, human connection.  Despite the fact I don’t believe in any one religion’s God, when telling select colleagues about my recent decision to quit my job, I use their language:

“God was telling me I had to move on.”

It’s easier.  It’s more convenient.  They get it.  And it gets my meaning across.  Were I to discuss my gratitude for the Universe, I’d be met with blank stares.

The 4 most common mistakes people make when giving feedback

  Have you ever had anyone get angry because you gave them feedback?  It’s sad but true: what should be a “critique” often turns instead to “criticism”… and that makes us think of nit-picking, expressing our dislike for, or showing-off our “superior knowledge” of a topic.   This leads many people to hate critique.  On top of that,…