I never learned about this in U.S. History Class

Fewer times in my life was I hit hard by my eurocentric U.S. history education than when I planned this trip to Vietnam.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out what to pack, and what to expect, and I could only conjure up the following images:

  1. monks setting themselves on fire
  2. a little girl, running down a dirt road without clothes on, screaming and crying while fleeing an exploding village
  3. some dumb soldier obsessing over his girlfriend while killing people in Tim O’Brien’s bro-tastic book, The Things They Carried

I quit my job! And then guess where I went?

Last week, two major things happened:

  1. I told my boss I’m quitting.
  2. I took my first break from work in nearly a year.

Okay, to be more accurate, it’s:

  1. I told my boss I’m quitting;
  • I quickly left town and disappeared to avoid any repercussions.

  • I was privileged and lucky enough to be able to take a vacation.  If that makes you feel annoyed, stop reading.  If you like to live vicariously through others, keep going!

    Can you guess where I went?  Here is a short photo montage:

    Photo #1: The lines were as long as those at Disneyland!