Shine Bright Like a Lotus


In 1994, a 1,300 year old sacred lotus seed from an ancient lake bed in Liaoning Province, China, was planted.

This lotus bloomed.

This lotus came from a seed that was cultivated and preserved by Buddhists in 372 AD.  This lotus bloomed with the help of a spirit.

A spirit cultivated this lotus long before you were born into your body.  The spirit lived when your mother cradled you in her arms, and kept you safe against her belly.

This spirit was there in your most silent seconds.  It was there the day the world crashed down around you and left you breaking from head to heels.  It was there when you crumbled to the ground like sand and nobody could reconstruct you.  On that day, this spirit gave you life.

This spirit ran through your veins when your blood turned plastic, sticky, like mud and feces.  This spirit beat in your ears when you thought your skin would pop off your flesh from the explosions of pain that coursed through you.  This spirit folded you like a child, when you were dry and barren as desert sands.

Lotus roots are deep, 15 feet deep and 10 feet across.  Lotus roots are strong and unshakeable. 

This spirit knows beneath your sunshine smile is a human being cobbled together with tape.  Spit.  Twine.  This spirit knows that you are made from trash.  Shit.  Blood.  This spirit knows you that are iron.  Stone.  Grass.  Flower petals from the sidewalk.  This spirit knows you are a weed, stretching for the sky in a scorched field.

This spirit sees you.

Embraces you.  Rocks you with two arms until tears roll down your cheeks.

Lotus flowers have thick stems.  Flowers are found rising several centimeters above the leaves.

This spirit loves you.  This spirit always loved you.

This spirit lassos dreams from your heart, causing hope to spring from your lips and glint in your eyes.

This spirit holds you tight and then pushes you ahead.  It watches fiercely as you hold your heart upright and go forth.

This spirit is you.

You grew this seed yourself.

You cultivated this seed yourself.

You waited patiently.

And you bloomed.

(Credit to Yoga Sutra 1.36)

Photo Credit:  Here.

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